The people at Ready 4 Change embrace the diverse needs of the people we serve by providing person-centered treatment practices that discover individualized needs and challenges to identify appropriate solutions that promote change. Our staff at Ready 4 Change has the experience, compassion, and expertise to guide you in a professional manner utilizing research based approaches that support change.

Ready 4 Change (R4C) is a premier provider of structured and effective w-holistic treatment services. Ready 4 Change is a national CARF accredited and State Licensed Mental Health; Substance Abuse and Developmental Disabilities treatment center in North Carolina. R4C services are designed with our clients, their support system and the community in mind which allows for each individual to accomplish [his/her] full potential. Our staff believes in seeing the whole person and we treat each person with respect and dignity. Our leadership has a strong reputation for innovative treatment that has changed the concept of what a treatment center is and how important it is for each person to understand their place in life.

ImageReady 4 Change services are envisioned to assist each individual we serve to improve life outcomes by helping them change their personal challenges and realize sobriety, healthy behavior and mental well-being, and a better-quality of physical, emotional and social living. We believe that the individuals we serve should be actively involved in all decisions concerning their care. Our services are designed to assist families in achieving the goals they set, based upon their needs.

We believe in all the services we provide and we are pleased of the quality of services we deliver. We stand behind our services and believe that by the time our services for you are carried through and complete, you will be wholly satisfied.

Whatever your situation, Ready 4 Change is here to serve you.


Carf Accredited and State Licensed Credentialed Treatment Center

Hours of Services: Mon-Fri - 9:00am - 7:00pm  Sat (optional)

5 Centerview Dr Suite 101 Greensboro, NC 27407 Phone: 336-907-7819 Fax: 336-907-7836