Medication Management

ImageReady 4 Change provides pharmacotherapy (medication management) services to include evaluation and prescribing of medications that adhere to local, State, and federal guidelines. Additionally, the qualified medical professional (MD) will document all medical orders and prescriptions, as well as facilitate written informed consent from the consumer for each medication prescribed. Individuals with behavioral health challenges such as ADHD, depression, anxiety or trauma, medications may be used as one part of a their individual treatment plan. They are used to complement other treatments that the individual is receiving, such as Outpatient Therapy, to reduce symptoms related to behavioral challenges.

Before recommending medications, we consider the diagnosis as well as their unique needs and goals for treatment. We also look at their overall medical history to learn whether prescription or over-the-counter medications may reduce behavioral symptoms. Medications may also be recommended to address medical problems, that may be making it harder for an individual to move forward in their treatment.  

Medications are prescribed by one of Ready 4 Change physicians and reviewed continually to make sure they are as effective as possible. When medications are used, our medication management staff work closely with the outpatient therapists, physicians, parents and other involved in their case management team to ensure that they are used correctly and meet the individual’s needs.


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