Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

ImageReady 4 Change Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services designed to help adults with psychiatric disabilities increase their functioning so that they can be successful and satisfied in the environments of their choice with the least amount of ongoing professional intervention. PSR focuses on skill and resource development related to life in the community and to increasing the member’s ability to live as independently as possible, to manage their illness and lives with as little professional intervention as possible, and to participate in community opportunities related to functional, social, educational and vocational goals.

The service is based on the principles of recovery, including equipping members with skills, emphasizing self-determination, using natural and community supports. The program is offered 5 days a week.

The program includes skill development, educational, daily living activities such as Life Skills (Development and maintenance of daily living skills; Wellness development and recovery; Social, relationship, recreational building skills; housekeeping, goal setting, shopping for necessities, nutrition, food planning, preparation, and cooking, use of transportation facilities, money management); personal care (health care, medication self-management, hygiene, grooming, social and community skills; use of leisure time; educational activities (e.g. assisting individual to participate in adult education or special interest courses); and pre-vocational activities focused on development of positive work habits; employment development; and GED assistance. Our program equips individuals with real-world skills using natural and community supports while providing individualized interventions.


Carf Accredited and State Licensed Credentialed Treatment Center

Hours of Services: Mon-Fri - 9:00am - 7:00pm  Sat (optional)

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