Transitioning Minds Donation

Transitioning Minds mission is to assist, edify and cultivate all individuals, and families that are transitioning in life; challenged with mental health, substance abuse, addiction, and/or overwhelming life challenges that may be causing unmanageable problems in their day to day functions.

Transitioning Minds correspondingly provides prevention and intervention services that assist adolescents and their families. Transitioning Minds is dedicated to serve children being removed from their homes by DSS, Children in Foster Care, Youth aging out of Foster Care, and homeless children/youth, thru providing prevention, intervention and transitioning services which consist of support services, and training for all that are impacted by the sudden life change. Transitioning Minds will work to reduce and alleviate the issues of problematic concerns that affect the families and children transitioning from the family home to foster care or homelessness or transitioning back into families or care givers home.

  • To provide intervention and prevention services to families to reduce children from being removed from their homes.
  • To provide transitional assistance services to the children going into foster care and the children transitioning from the foster home to society.
  • Provide camp services that are sit up as Respite service to foster children.
  • To provide needed behavioral health services to children in foster care, children faced with challenges, and/or homeless.
  • To provide after-school programs to foster children, children who are challenged, or homeless children from age 0-19years.
  • To provide 24 hour respite services to foster children and foster care providers.
  • To provide a out-of-school suspension day program for all children in the age group of 8 to 18 years. suspended from school.
  • To provide workshops and seminars to parents, foster care providers, agencies, organizations, and also to those working with homeless youth.
  • To provide monthly recreational activities for foster ,challenged and homeless children.
  • To provide short-term and emergency housing for transitioning children.
  • To provide a annual summer camp for all foster children in NC and homeless youth in NC.
  • To provide services, programs and assistance to youth aging out-of foster care.

Transitioning Minds will provide prevention and intervention services, treatment, programs and resources that will advocate, teach, cultivate, and recondition the mind to all served that they can overcome the odds.

Transitioning Minds is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of North Carolina. All donation can be utilized as tax deductions.


Carf Accredited and State Licensed Credentialed Treatment Center

Hours of Services: Mon-Fri - 9:00am - 7:00pm  Sat (optional)

5 Centerview Dr Suite 101 Greensboro, NC 27407 Phone: 336-907-7819 Fax: 336-907-7836